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Yucca flower southwestern botanical floral watercolor painting art print. This western plant is scattered throughout the desert of the southwest. The yucca flower is the New Mexico state flower. The yucca is a member of the lily family and a symbol of sturdiness and beauty. In the early summer, pale ivory flowers bloom at the tips of its long, fibrous stalks. At the base of the plant are broad, sharpedged leaves that look like stilettos. The yucca sometimes grows to the height of a small tree. What really amazes me about this plant is the American Indian’s use for it. When I spent some time in El Paso Texas I traveled all over the west. My favorite thing to do is spend time visting the historical southwest areas and especially when Indian history is involved. One time I went to a spot where Indians were using the yucca root as an edible food and it is really good. I tasted the root once again when I ate at a restaurant in Orlando Florida called Texas da Brazil. If you are ever in Orlando and you want to be spoiled rotten eat at the Texas da Brazil. It is expensive but it is an experience with food that you will never forget. This painting is available as a 11 x 14 inch fine art print for
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