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This is the CRC Holiday Gala New York Returns to Columbus. I was the featured artist for the event at the Ironworks, Ballroom 3 in Columbus GA. It was a really nice formal and the food was amazing.

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Watercolor Paintings


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“Art in Watercolor 2007 to 2008 The Years of Inspiration” by Derek McCrea. Hard cover art book illustrations in watercolor and pen and ink by published professional artist Derek McCrea. Spectacular inspirational and whimsical impresionistic art. Subjects of this study include landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses, florals, still life, wildlife, and southwestern scenes. Printed: 29 pages, 9″ x 7″, casewrap-hardcover binding, white interior paper (80# weight), full-color interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color exterior ink 45 dollars.

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