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I lived in Satellite Beach, Florida when I completed this painting. In May 2007, there were numerous major tropical storms off of the Atlantic Coast of the United States. One of my past time hobbies is saltwater fishing. While fishing one day I noticed the beauty in the crashing waves and horizon as the storm was approaching the beach. I was drawn to paint this scene as the natural seascape’s action energized my senses.

I started the painting by using the wet on wet technique with the sky. Watercolors are magical in their ability to create effects that can not be duplicated. I love doing wet on wet as the end result is a one of a kind work. Where the ocean meets the sky to the southeast a storm is approaching, causing medium winds and crashing waves. If you have been to the beach you know what rain looks like at a distance. You can not see the rain, but you can see the change in color near the horizon. And you ask yourself, “Is it headed this way?”

There is nothing I love more than capturing nature’s beauty. Imagine the sound of crashing waves and seagulls, the smell of the salt air, and the wind on your face. This is what I feel when I look at this painting. I remember good times on vacation when this atmosphere alone makes everything ok. It is just me and the ocean, no one else, no worries.

I grew up in a small town nowhere near the ocean. When I was younger I would go to the beach and immediately feel a happiness I can not describe in words. Even now, that I live just blocks from the beach, I still go on romantic walks in the evening on the beach and nothing in the world compares to the emotions created by the attraction of the sea. I have and always will be a romantic. 22 x 30 inch large watercolor 799 dollars plus 20 for shipping and insurance. Buy this painting on PayPal
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Water lily flower painting
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Derek McCrea’s January 2008 Artist Newsletter

December 2007 was a pretty busy month as I completed a charity interior design project for Dianne Felton, a charity volunteer design project coordinator from Newport Beach, California. She was completing a project for a young girls room. One of the selections was this water lily flower watercolor painting. After the completion of the room makeover her comments were:

“Thank you so much for redecorating and
organizing my room. It looks amazing! I especially like the pictures of
the flowers. They are so pretty.”

The images from the makeover are at the below link:


One image from the makeover is also attached.

I finally completed all of the coordination placing works in an England based gallery, Zaracus. At the below link you can hear a commentary from me and read 12 stories of inspiration on 12 selected arts. My watercolor lily flower painting and other works are available from Zaracus as originals and fine art prints printed by Zaracus. Soon a personal video starring “me” will be posted on the site also. See below for link to Zaracus.


Today, on Christmas eve I wanted to surprise my wife when she woke up with a painting of a water lily. It is a photo she took while we were in New Mexico at the Living Desert Park at an annual Indian festival where they made traditional Indian food including the Century Plant root.

I have attached an image of that latest work. It is available as an original or a limited edition print.

In January 2008, I plan to paint a large number of new works.

Derek McCrea
US Army by Profession…
Visual Artist by Choice

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