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Dunes is my first watercolor painting of sand dunes on the beach. I had painted several sand dune paintings in oil and they are some of my favorite works. This work is available as an original and a fine art modern print.

This particular painting was inspired by a visit I took to Cumberland Island, Georgia. An old ferry boat surrounded by shrimp boats loaded up with me, my wife, my two children, my mother (a school teacher) and her students. This spot is an area of the Island that my wife, Sheila, thought looked very romantic as the trail opened up to the gorgeous view of the ocean and beach. I am from Georgia and have only been there once.

This part of Georgia is known as the Golden Isles and is comprised of Sapelo Island, Cumberland Island, St Simons Island, and Jekyll Island. There is a ferry that holds 60 people that departs and returns once a day to the island. I remember the island was very beautiful and one of the most tranquil desolate places I have ever been. The beach suffered less of mankind’s effects and appeared untouched. In the distance I could see wild horses throwing sand in the air, while racing down the beach..

There were no merchant stores or gas stations; no roadways; only the one ranger station that took good care of the sea turtles who returned to the same beach year after year to lay their eggs. The eggs then would hatch and return to the very same beach where they would continue the egg laying cycle started by their parents and grandparents.

I will never forget the several mile long beach side return trip back to the ferry boat at the end of the day. Me, being the only man of the bunch ended up carrying about 100 pounds of seashells in my rucksack for all of the students in my mom’s class. There is nothing better than a romantic walk on the beach while surrounding by tons of first graders. Other than that it was a pretty romantic, quiet day. After returning from the beach I had taken a picture of that favorite spot that my wife noticed over watching the beach and the sunset that beautiful day.
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Sandy Hook Lighthouse

I was approached to paint this as a commission in 2004, and could not turn down the opportunity as it is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the United States and the surrounding original architecture adds to the beauty of the lighthouse. I painted this original painting for a member of the New Jersey Lighthouse Society, Salvadore Trentacoste. I now have fine art modern prints available of this magnificent nautical lighthouse. View or purchase this art at my gallery at

The Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States. The light shines into the New York Harbor and although it sits in New Jersey it’s purpose revolves around both states.

When painting this work my goal was to capture the off whites and maroon colors in the homes and the lighthouse. The colors maroon and white softly emulate nautical themes. The whites in the home and the lighthouse have not been spared by the elements of the Atlantic coast. Although the lighthouse has been restored you can still view the beauty of its architecture in an age of beauty.

This work was one of my first large realistic watercolors. The piece is a perfect mix of realism and impressionism and the size of the original is a huge 22 x 30 inches. Natural beauty in architecture, in my eyes, cannot be replaced by newer architectural constructions. Lighthouses are one of the many standing historical architectural structures that are receiving preservation. While reflecting on this painting it reminds me of our responsibility to maintain and preserve the natural and man-made beauty of nautical lighthouses. 11 x 15 limited edition print. Buy this painting on PayPal
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