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Old Tractor drawing. Pencil and charcoal line drawing of a very old antique tractor. American farm rusted tractor. Available as a fine art print below in different sizes. Or, send me an email

View more art at my gallery at Pen and Ink Farm Drawings

Sizes and Options Below
11 x 14 inch print $25.00 USD 8 x 10 print $15.00 USD


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Realty Office Painting. Watercolor painting pen and ink drawing illustration commission art for a customer 11 x 15 inches. I paint commissions from photos if you would like something similar send me an email

View more art at my gallery at House Paintings

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Back in the day

Back in the day…I learned how to paint with oils. From 1987 to 2000 I painted exclusively with oils and most like my oils better than my watercolors. Most of my oils are hanging up in someones home but I still have some of my, “not so great ones” hanging around the house. For those artists that told me why don’t you paint in oils. I can..I ahve “been there and done that” but watercolors free my soul…where oils cause too many problems for me, mainly my cat who walked all over the floor with “wet” feet and my kids who played finger painting with my art. So one day I may go back to iols, and honestly after trying watercolors, I must admit oils is much easier..artists who have went both ways know what I am talking about. Anyway here are some of my “not so great” oils I have left hanging around.

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check out the Fine Art Original Watercolor Paintings swicki at eurekster.com

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First Post

I am new to the blog thingy, but I intend to use it a s a diary of my works and when I complete them, what inspires me, etc. Today I completed a commission for a woman from Los Angelos California. It is a still life flower watercolor painting called Lily of the Valley. It is here to my left. This blogger on google is cool…I am going to have fun with this.
Anyway, I started this painting as a drawing and drew all of the still life details. What is hard for me with watercolors is trying to keep the white…white…I love the way paintings look in watercolor with white it is just so difficult not to mess up the white while you are working.
I am getting better at it I believe. Practice makes perfect. I love tp paint watercolors. My wife loves this one and told me I better get her a print made of it before I send it off. I found a really nice place here in Melbourne Florida where they scan images up to 4 feet wide. I am going to make good use of them.
Derek McCrea
US Army Infantry by Profession…
Visual Artist by Choice.

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