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Echinacea flower painting wildflower watercolor modern realistic botanical art painting. Original watercolor flower painting 160 dollars or buy a print in different sizes from 20-30 dollars in the drop down menu below.

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Original Painting $160.00 USD 11 X 14 inch Print $30.00 USD 8 x 10 inch print $20.00 USD

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Wildflowers flower modern art painting on yupo paper, 9 x 12 inches, wet on wet technique on a new paper called yupo. SOLD
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Poppy Burst

An art customer asked me recently, “Derek, how can a hardened combat veteran demonstrate such passion in art?” Many have misconceptions about Soldiers. Soldier support agencies and family members keep the Soldier’s heart alive. To be successful you have to use the carrot/stick approach, a fighter with one hand and a helper with the other.

This floral to me represents the soft romantic side that everyone has; they just have different ways of showing it. Not many people wake up; look in the mirror and say, “I am going to be a bad person today.” Generally I believe most people are good but have different beliefs and are motivated by different things. Notice I said “most people”. For the life of me I cannot begin to perceive the thought process or reasoning of a terrorist. I pretty much understand everyone else.

The poppy to me also represents life. A flower may only live for a few days, or maybe a week or two. During that short lifetime the flower blooms and takes full advantage by being wide open during the majority of its life. People should do the same. Too often I see small problems or even large problems take control of someone’s life and affect their future and well-being. I try to reflect on this when I have a problem and what I tell younger people is that they will live to 70-80 years old. You are young and have a long time to live. One year from now this problem will seem like nothing. Carry on and take full advantage of life, like the flower.

While painting this floral I used a series of different techniques to create depth and texture; a hard thing to do with watercolors. I also used pen and ink and charcoal to complete this work. I never paint when I am upset. I woke up with this image in my head and grabbed a brush and did not stop until I was complete. This painting was painted while I was in a high energetic spirit inspired by the poppies beautiful bloom and contrast red colors. View or purchase this art at my gallery at
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Indian Blanket – flower paintings

This painting is the Indian Blanket wildflower flower painting, also known as Fire Wheel, or Blanket Flower. While living in El Paso, Texas I was told by many locals in New Mexico that this wildflower is a favorite to the Aztec Indians. After further research I found this to be true. This wildflower is also the state flower of Oklahoma. The Kiowa Indians thought the Indian Blanket wildflowers brought good luck. This flower painting has very attractive and magnificent colorful blooms.

According to history, the name Indian Blanket came from when ancient Aztec Indians wove a blanket with the colors brown, red, and yellow for his or her burial. The following spring the grave was covered with beautiful flowers in the same colors of the Indian Blanket.

The beauty of nature is only intensified by this flower’s spectacular colors. The flower weaves a field with vibrant color as though part of an illustration in a children’s storybook. As each pedal blows with the spring air you can feel the power of nature embracing your soul.

I was inspired to paint this painting by the history of the first American people, the Indians and their natural living experiences in the Southwestern United States. The beauty of the landscape in New Mexico and Arizona is scattered with the Indian Blanket wildflower. Otherwise boring roadside fields are woven in brilliant wildflowers, of which the Indian Blanket is my favorite.
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